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September 7, 2010

A lil' bit about gemstone...

Right now, I'm a bit tied up with some customised orders... So, while I'm still working on them and unable to update, I thought of sharing some information I read about gemstones.

I'm sure some of us may be uncertain when it comes to the terminology used by seller(s) to describe gemstones. So, here are some terminologies that are often used and their meanings...

Genuine gemstone
Real thing - may be natural or treated.

Natural gemstone
Not altered in any ways, other than being cut or polished.

Treated (enhanced) gemstone
Treated in some way to enhance its appearance.

Synthetic gemstone
Created in laboratory, but shares a natural stone's physical, chemical and optical qualities.

Imitation stone
May look like the genuine gemstone, but does not share physical characteristics with natural or synthetic stones. Many are made of glass or plastic.

And here are some commonly used methods for gemstone treatment...

Heat and radiation
To change or enhance the colour of gemstone.

To deepen the gemstone's colour.

Fracture filling
Improves the appearance of gemstone by coating gemstone with a clear / coloured epoxy, or with another substance.

Laser drilling
To remove inclusion and improve the quality of gemstone.

I hope you find these information helpful... Stay tuned for more updates, okay!

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