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December 13, 2009

Customised Order - Adjustable Woven Ring | Wire Macramé Bracelet

Adjustable Woven Ring

My friend ordered the Adjustable Woven Ring, but
she wanted a green-coloured stone bead.
So, I used an 8mm Aventurine.
Ring was constructed from Permanent Coloured Copper Wire
(Brand: Artistic Wire, Colour: Natural Copper).
Design of this ring was slightly modified from the previous one,
hope she'll like it.

Aventurine is said
to attract wealth and abundance through opportunity.
In particular, a green Aventurine is believed to be beneficial to the
blood and circulatory system.
It can help relieve headaches, improves general health
and helps one to sleep better.
(Source: http://gemstone-dictionary.com/aventurine.php)

Wire Macramé Bracelet

This was ordered by my SIL, as a belated birthday gift for her friend.
Same as the one in my previous post, this bracelet was also made from
Permanent Coloured Copper Wire
(Brand: Artistic Wire, Colour: Natural Copper) and adorned with
Dyed Turquoise gemstone beads.

Thank you for the orders, ladies :)


  1. my fren loves it.. looking forward for the next review from another besday girl..

  2. Glad to know that your fren loves it :)